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The Nocturnus Project
The Nocturnus Project may be viewed as the ancestor of Digital I Productions. The original concept began in 1984 when I started college, as a vehicle to take my comic book ambitions to a higher level. Over the intervening years (more than I'll happily divulge) the property has been re-envisioned as a feature film concept, a TV series, a graphic novel, and in it's latest incarnation as a series of e-published novels.

Unlike other projects such as Relik which I believe will find it's final expression in a set of four graphic novels, Nocturnus continues to progress in each of these forms to one degree or another, and will likely eventually be expressed as a combination of all of them.

The Nocturnus Project has been greenlit as a comic book series, expected to debut in January with issues every two months thereafter. Read more about the initial releast here.
Relik came about later-in roughly the mid-1990s, and actually began as a child of the "new media" of the World Wide Web. That is not to say that his DNA wasn't lying around the lab, so to speak.

I think most writers and artists have to admit that sometimes new characters spring from not getting an existing character to "behave". Relik allowed me to leap over some walls that Nocturnus had put up, but at the same time, he slammed right up against the limitations of web page design in those days. On the other hand, it did, I think, give me the opportunity to expand my visual storytelling style beyond the edge of the frame, and the final result, which I expect to be available early to mid next year, is better for it.
More to come. . .
As we continue to develop both the company and it's projects, we'll be expanding this section of the website to bring interviews, sneak peeks, and other behind-the-scenes information. We appreciate your support and continued interest. Be sure to connect to our social media links as well, for special announcements and the latest news.
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