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A Long Time Dying

Digital I Productions has just finalized the production timetable for the first comic book title being released under our new development focus.

The tentative cover design for Issue One is for the first story line: A Long Time Dying, presently expected to run through the first four issues of the bimonthly book.

Initial availabilty of the comic will be via online sales of PDF versions. Negotiations are presently still pending with various online outlets to sell the book. If audience response and demand justify it, the book may be made available in a limited print version, most likely as a combination of the issues in a graphic novel form.

As presently designed, the issues will be full color with 24 to 28 pages each.

Nocturnus is an occult fantasy-adventure comic set in near present day Texas. The intended audience is mature teens (i.e. 18+), young adults and up, with some adult themes and language, and depictions of adult situations, violence and partial nudity. It is the work of Digital I Exective Producer Larry S. Evans II who is writer, artist, and book designer on the project.

More details will be released along with additional artwork in the coming months as the project takes shape.


Nocturnus Cover Issue 1
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