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Welcome To Digital I Productions.
Digital I Productions continues to evolve it's business model with the ultimate goal of providing means for creatives to make a living doing the work they are passionate about. To that end, we have shifted from a primary focus of visual effects and media content production, to being an incubator for development of various projects in a variety of media, and the technical services engine behind making these efforts profitable. If you are an individual interested in developing a project, please contact us via e-mail for a frank discussion of our offerings and business perspective.
Website Renovation Continues
During the initial redesign of this website, it became apparent that social media was going to become a necessary part of any company's marketing and promotional strategy. Social media itself is constantly evolving, at an explosive rate, and we realize that being near the cutting edge is fundamental to providing intelligent support of any creative publishing or production endeavors. As we spend the time to fully understand the new technology, the new market, and our role in it, this site continues to change behind the scenes to best support those functions. The downside is that content is not as reliably available as we hope it to be in the future.

As we began to go back through our various files and storage boxes, we realized that we might actually have a lot more stuff that was relevant to our goal of promotion and information than we had first presumed. The task of locating, cleaning, and in some cases repairing, some of that material, so that it can be suitably documented on the internet, is probably one of the slowest processes, and frankly, has a much lower priority that getting the code written and meeting deadlines on "live" production projects. Still, we think it needs to be done, and we will go on doing it as we can, so expect the portfolio to expand significantly over the next few months with "legacy content".

In the meantime, please bear with us on the occasional "File not found" error as pages will be added, updated, and corrected.
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